Film Projects In Development Seeking Financing

To obtain producer’s representation relating to financing for film projects in development, scripts and packages please read and follow the submission protocol. All submissions must be sent by mail and include a check for the one hour consultation fee of 325.00 USD. Make sure to include a synopsis, script, budget top sheet, consultation fee, and any letters of attachment from key players, cast and director. Once all your materials have been reviewed, we will book a one-hour telephone conference with you to discuss your goals with respect to your film project to determine if we will work together to arrange financing and ultimately distribution for your film. Kindly note the title of your project on the notation section of your check and include it in your submission package. We get many submissions so it is important you call or email to follow up and make sure we received your specific package. Your telephone conference will be scheduled for approximately two weeks from the time you call to book it.

We raise money through private equity, distribution pre-sales, and film funds. Typically, having reviewed your package, we are able to determine if we would like to move forward with your project during our scheduled call. At that time we would discuss what fees would be involved in arranging the financing and ultimately the distribution of your film.