Completed Films Seeking Distribution

For completed films requiring producer’s representation for distribution, send a password protected Vimeo link to our email at submissions@ostrowandcompany.com. Please provide your contact information and the contact information of any other rights holders for your film in the body of the email in order for us to best follow up with you and your producers team. If we don’t respond in an appropriate amount of time to confirm we have received your submission, kindly follow up with us in order to make sure we have it. Once we review your project, we will contact you to give our feedback, and discuss your goals for the film within the marketplace concerning finding and negotiating the various distribution platforms and licensing agreements, including but not limited to Theatrical, home video, and TV and tracking/collecting royalties for your film.

If your expectations are in line with what we think we can accomplish we will discuss what will be involved in having us represent you.

Once we have been engaged to be your producer’s representative we will book a time to discuss a strategy for your film for all rights—theatrical, television and home entertainment. Then we will strategically ‘roll out wide’ with your film in order to provide opportunities for executives to simultaneously screen it at the studios, mini-majors and independent international and domestic distribution companies.

Creating a sense of urgency and ‘buzz’ is something we are known for. It allows us to leverage interest from competing distribution platforms in order to ignite bidding wars. We successfully oversee, track and collect royalties and advances on behalf of the filmmaker because of our long-standing business relationships, presence and experience within the distribution landscape.