Services We Provide

CIO Solutions’ portfolio of services is designed to fill help business owners and executives achieve increased alignment and business results from their Information Technology (IT) investments and operations.

Talented professionals will work with your company to deliver tailored consulting solutions from the following service areas.

         Interim and part time on site CIO Services.

         Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategic Planning.

         IT Governance and Business Alignment.

         Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.

         IT Investment Evaluation and Selection.

         Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V).

Interim and Part Time CIO Services

Many organizations have a need for professional IT management to lead special projects, to provide temporary IT executive leadership during recruitment efforts, or on a part time permanent basis. We can provide access to seasoned professionals who have been leading IT executives or former CIO's.

An interim or part time CIO, is a consultant serving in the role of a technology officer to a company on a short term or as-needed basis. A company may hire us full time for a number of months (typically three to six), for a few hours each month, or for several hours each week.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) and IT Strategic Planning

Information technology (IT) executives are pressured to control costs, improve services, align IT investments with corporate objectives and maintain robust internal controls. In addition, they must leverage emerging technologies to open new service opportunities and facilitate long-term growth.

Enterprise architecture provides a model of the enterprise. It provides guides for combining the four major architectural perspectives: business, application, information, and technology, into a comprehensive enterprise architecture plan that will be adaptable to your future needs. The plan includes portfolios for infrastructure and applications investment as well as standards, guidelines, and procedures that are needed to implement IT alignment and agility.

IT Governance and Business Alignment

IT governance involves the recognition of the strategic value of IT and how, when properly implemented, will ensure a synergy between IT investment and operation with the expectations of the business.

IT governance is involved with:

         Implementation of  organizational structures that facilitate constructive relationships and effective communications with and between IT, the business, and external partners.

         Creating aligning between IT strategy and business strategy.

         Developing IT agility for the rapid response to changing business demands.

         Implementation of an IT control framework which provides measurement of IT performance and value.

         Implementation of IT governance strategies that create business focused alignment of your IT acquisitions and implementations.

Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM)

Enterprise Portfolio Management is a process of actively identifying, prioritizing, and managing the organizations IT investments and implementation activities. While EPM principles and practices can be implemented with your current project activity, it is the delivery arm of an enterprise architecture program with the goal of ensuring the value proposition of your IT investments and project activity while reducing or eliminating project failure.

CIO Solutions will work with your organization to implement EPM strategies and disciplines which will bring synergy between the implementation plans and the ever changing demands of the business activity.

IT Investment Evaluation and Selection

Investment in IT resources should not be left to whim or politics, but should be based on specific requirements and criteria for suitability, performance, cost, vendor support, and long term viability. CIO Solutons can help with your technology selections by providing an independent, object assembly of the business requirements and selection criteria. Then we can provide an unbiased evaluation of products and vendors. Let us help with your RFP development and proposal evaluations.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Independent Verification and Validation describes the process of verifying a vendor's adherence to the requirements of a project and the level of completeness and consistency of each step to support the next step of the project, and validating resulting product performs up to expectation and specifications by an organization other than the original organization."

Some of the benefits of an IV&V are:

         A more objective assessment of a projects progress and completeness of deliverables.

         Early detection and remediation of errors and omissions.

         Improved operational correctness.

         Closer adherence to stated goals and objectives.