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Film Festival Tips -

Film Festival Tips: Ostrow and Company Leading Producers Representatives

1. Film Festivals do not sell films people sell films. You want to make sure you have a professional team to navigate the shark infested distribution waters.

2. If you are in a major festival you could wait until you producers rep invites all the appropriate executives to your screenings and hold off on sending screeners until after the premiere.

3. Executives prefer to be sent screeners if the film is not premiering in a major festival because it's more convenient and it's important to work with people in a way that makes them comfortable.

4. Never send rough cuts to distributors or licensors.

5. It's never too early to consult a producers rep and it's best to start the relationship while you are in production or post.

6. Always be truthful with your producers rep regarding where the film has already been and who's hands you've had it in.

7. Don't take advice from other filmmakers who have not been successful.

8. Keep the faith even if your film has been in many festivals and hasn't received distribution. The right rep who is willing to champion your film can really make a difference.

9. Make sure to meet other creative people at the festivals who you may want to collaborate with on future projects.

10. Always prepare a strategy for film festivals roll out, get your team together of PR people, Producers Rep firm and attorney.