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Page Ostrow - Judge at the Accolade Film Awards

Do you care deeply about righting the wrongs in the world and easing human suffering? Then you must catch one or more of the films brought to market by Page Ostrow, founder of Ostrow and Company.

“Our commitment is to good story telling that is compelling and entertaining. Our passion is to negotiate financing and distribution for filmmakers who want to make a difference by delivering films that raise the consciousness of the viewer. The thoughtful execution of the story in a feature film or documentary is what makes it entertaining to watch. The skillful navigation through the Hollywood landscape is what allows the film to arrive and be seen by as many people as possible.”

Page Ostrow is a heroine to independent filmmakers. She has a reputation for taking risks on projects, creating a sense of urgency, igniting bidding wars and putting independent filmmakers on the map. Ostrow has helped gain financing and distribution for over 150 feature films and documentaries. She is one of Los Angeles’s leading producer’s representatives.

"Filmmakers and independent producers retain us like they would an attorney. In addition to dealing with contracts, we arrange and negotiate financing and distribution for their films. I am fortunate that I arrived at a place in my career where I could choose to work on films that are important to me and that inspire the viewer toward a call for action. I made the spiritually conscious decision to focus mainly on socially relevant films with compelling stories that need to be told, but that are also entertaining."

Ostrow, and her associates at Ostrow And Company, have a shared vision to deliver independent films to the marketplace that are thought provoking, compelling and entertaining. She began her career as an assistant director on films for Orion, Viacom, and HBO. Ostrow eventually became an independent sales executive representing distributors and buyers internationally. She developed relationships with hundreds of distribution and production company executives. This network of contacts allows Ostrow to get projects in development financed and completed films placed with top international and domestic distributors. At film markets and festivals, Ostrow has earned a reputation as an excellent negotiator with film buyers and distributors via a combination of loyal contacts globally and overall business savvy.

Additionally, Ostrow holds producing credits on films such as Stolen Childhoods with Meryl Streep, and HBO documentary, Juvies, with Mark Wahlberg as executive producer, about kids behind bars in adult prisons. Additionally, she negotiated advances with distributors for feature films such as Dating Games People Play, Surfer King, and The Bros with Lions Gate.

She is a major supporter of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation. "I was a daughter of two Holocaust survivors. I feel it's important to leave a mark in the world on behalf of my family as evidence that the Nazis didn't succeed. The medium I'm involved in is eternal. This is part of my destiny, I suppose. If one person sees a film and it causes them to take some sort of action toward change, then we have done our job. I think it's important to be of service to others in your work, and if you look at it that way, it's easy to keep showing up."

Ostrow served on the International Committee of Women in Film from 2003 through 2005. She is a member in good standing with the Directors Guild of Canada, Screen Actors Guild of America and The International Film Society. In 2006 Ostrow was awarded the Wave of Excellence Award from the Garden State Film Festival for her contribution to the cinematic arts. Ostrow was the first Hollywood entertainment executive to be invited to speak at the United Nations Film Festival in New York City.

Page Ostrow enjoys playing tennis recreationally at The Riviera Country Club and The Beverly Hills Tennis Club on Maple Drive in Beverly Hills. She said, “I’m an early riser, I hike the local mountains. I also love water and sail boat races at the California Yacht Club.”