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...declares leading producer’s representative Page Ostrow. Many filmmakers are under the false illusion that if they enter a lot of film festivals and get in that their film will magically sell. Garnering distribution for films is a skill that requires people who know what they are doing and have relationships. Many films are being screened simultaneously at film festivals and it’s important to have a producer’s rep with long standing relationships to pull executives into your screening. When you read about the big deal signed at Sundance it’s like reading about the guy buys the ten million dollar winning lottery ticket at a corner store, you don’t read about all the ticket holders who don’t win. In point of fact many deals are done in between film festivals. Think about it, if an executive is putting in an eighty hour week at a studio, network, or independent distribution company and has the option of seeing a film after work in the comfort of their own home rather than travelling to a small film festival than they are going to want a screener sent to them preferably. Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, Tribeca, SXSW are often attended by the major executives and the other smaller film festivals are really hit and miss. If you are represented by a known producer’s rep in business for many years, those relationships are invaluable. Deals can be made on your behalf in between festivals as well as at the major festivals. Page Ostrow has been an invited guest speaker at numerous film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and SXSW. To contact Ostrow and Company visit