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Page Ostrow inks deal with TMC for 'The Runaway'

Filmed in 1962, The Runaway had a studio bidding war in the 60's, but the filmmaker was not able to decide on which deal to take. The film was in a vault for 50 years. Page Ostrow, President of Ostrow & Company met the producer and talked to him about giving Ostrow and Company a chance to get the film to audiences. Within a few months of hiring Ostrow and Company to represent the film a deal was inked with TMC. The Runaway, staring Cesar Romero, was a lost gem showcasing the early work of Oscar-winning cinematographer, Haskell Wexter. A low-budget family film described as a labor of love is story of how a priest and a dog help a delinquent find a new lease on life, you can catch it on the Turner Classic Movie Network