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Page Ostrow negotiates for Eleven Minutes Six Figure Deal - Hollywood Reporter

Film Distribution - A Six figure buy out for documentary's theatrical release negotiated by seasoned producer’s rep Page Ostrow, president of Ostrow and Company. The Impossible made possible for five city release by Regent Entertainment on behalf of filmmaker Michael Seditch’s "Eleven Minutes" to begin with New York and Los Angeles.

After intense negotiations between Regent Entertainment’s veteran VP Mark Reinhart and noted producers rep Page Ostrow a deal has been struck for the worldwide distribution of the doc. The film chronicling Jay Carroll’s life is set to air on Here TV in the US, followed by worldwide distribution after its scheduled five city domestic theatrical release.

A skillfully crafted, highly entertaining documentary about process, personality and perception, "Eleven Minutes" revolves around the charismatic Jay McCarroll, the first "Project Runway" winner, in his real-world bid for fashion fame and fortune. McCarroll's media renown has put enormous pressure on him to prove himself more than a boob-tube phenomenon, particularly in an industry known for its whimsical cruelty. With little money, endless expenditures, no business experience and a lot of talented best buds, McCarroll manages to cobble together a collection for his moment in the spotlight. A working man's "Unzipped," this hugely diverting documentary struts strong niche appeal.