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Mark Wahlberg Nominated for The Fighter Ostrow congratulates our clients

Producers Mark Wahlberg , Leslie Neale, of "Juvies" Chance Films Here’s what our these A-listers have to say about Ostrow!

The landscape in Hollywood has become much more competitive in the past three years and with the country tittering on the edge of recession its only getting worse. In this new era anyone owning a digital camcorder and a computer can churn out a movie, and as a result the market has become historically saturated.

When we met a film scout from Ostrow and Company at a film festival we were hesitant at having to spend any more money on the film. But we weren't getting any where by ourselves. In fact we had already been turned down by HBO but that's exactly who Page Ostrow sold it to when we finally decided to hire her! She was able to negotiate a mid-6 figure deal with Sheila Nevins at HBO for theworld premiere of JUVIES even igniting a bidding war between Showtime and HBO. Shortly thereafter the team at Ostrow and Company negotiated the international rights for JUVIES during Cannes Film Festival. We realize now that there are those who make films and those who sell them. It was worth every penny to retain experienced and professional producers representatatives like the great team at Ostrow and Company.