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Page Ostrow Speaks At United Nations - FilmThreat

By Eric Campos

Benecio Del Torro delivers awards at the United Nations to filmmakers who have devoted their lives to important social issues globally seen here with Page Ostrow at the United Nations Filmmakers reception in Manhattan this past Saturday night. Based in Los Angeles, Ostrow has developed a reputation as one of the most reputable producers representatives devoted to representing socially conscious films.

Award-winning veteran entertainment executive Page Ostrow is scheduled to give a presentation at the 2nd Annual United Nations Documentary Film Festival in New York City on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006 at the Tishman Auditorium, The New School, 66 West 12th Street at 7:00PM. The festival is presented in corporation with The New School.

For the panel presentation, Ostrow will discuss the current climate of the documentary genre and what it takes for a documentary filmmaker to get distribution, financing and finishing funds. The panel will discuss the necessary steps and what role the right topic, talent, planning, connections and tenacity play in the process.

Filmmakers from or contracted by United Nations offices, funds, programmes and agencies around the world were invited to submit entries for screening consideration. This year for the first time, the competition was also opened to the general public and the festival received nearly 200 UN and public films for consideration. Page Ostrow, winner of the “Wave of Excellence” award from the Garden State Film Festival is a veteran entertainment industry executive who has arranged financing and or negotiated distribution for over 125 feature films and numerous documentaries. Ostrow is founder and president of Ostrow and Company, a producer’s representative company with a reputation for taking risks on projects, creating “buzz”, igniting bidding wars and putting their filmmakers on the map.