Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 85 mins
Medium: Red High Definition
Rights: Available (StoryBench)

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Director: Mike Saunders & Jason Bolinger
Producer: Bruce Elgin, Erin Elgin
Cast: Chris Mulkey, Karen Landry
Production Designer: Christine Youngstrom
Director of Photography: Jenny Stolte
Special Make Up FX: Toby Sells
Special Effects: Ken Gorrell
Distributor: Fabrication
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


When the world is suddenly filled with the undead, Robert Morgan's (Chris Mulkey) worries are pulled away from how to keep the family farm to how to keep his family alive. With his wife Molly (Karen Landry) near the breaking point and his son bitten by one of the creatures, Robert must defend their home from the invaders. But as supplies run low and he is forced to venture out for food, Robert encounters more danger and must become even more brutal in his attempts to provide for his family. When other survivors appear, will they be able to help him, or will they turn out to be the greatest threat of all to his family?

With outstanding performances by the cast and makeup and effects from an award winning team, Collapse offers a new twist on the zombie film.