One Way to Valhalla

One Way to ValhallaOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 93 minutes
Medium: Super 16mm & HDCam
Rights: All Rights Available


Director: Karen Goodman-Hawk
Director of Photography: John J. Campbell
Casting Director: Emily Schweber
Producer: Debbie Brubaker
Cast: Gabriel Macht, Kim Dickens, Alison Pill, Kate Walsh, Brad William Henke, Chaney Kley, Steve Talley
Writer: Karen Goodman-Hawk
Music: Dave Nelson
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Bo Durant, working class gearhead and charismatic center of his universe, is under home confinement for drunk driving. Finally free, he has a few beers and takes his prized 1970
Plymouth Barracuda AAR out for a high-speed ride.

This time the car is impounded and, after several humiliating attempts to get it back, Bo is forced to ride a borrowed BMX bike to work. On the way home, he has an accident and suffers what appears to be a head injury.

As he recovers, his personality takes some strange turns. Nobody in his “galaxy” of friends can relate to him anymore – nobody except his stepdaughter, who believes Bo has become an enlightened being. Her desire to shield him from the cruel, sometimes banal realities of the world, has its own absurd and near-disastrous consequences.