When Police Become Prey

When Police Become PreyOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 90 mins
Medium: DVD
Rights: All Rights Reserved.

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Director: Candis McLean
Producer: Candis McLean
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Editor: Stuart McLean
Writer: Candis McLean
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


'Gripping and intense, When Police become Prey clearly shows that something is wrong with the justice system. We will never reach our goal of eradicating racism if we merely reverse it. Justice must be color-blind.'

–Dennis Watlington, Emmy award-winning writer of The Black West and Hospital at Ground Zero.

'A must-see for every cop in North America walking around with a target painted on his/her back!'

- Constable Wolfgang Pollman, Police Officer, Saskatoon, SK Canada


In 1982 a British police officer who had made headlines by rushing into a burning home while off-duty to rescue a man from a raging fire, moved to Canada. Following an idealistic dream of working with the aboriginal people he had read so much about, for 18 years Constable Ken Munson did just that in the city of Saskatoon, Canada, winning more police commendations for actions such as talking an aboriginal man
out of jumping from his third floor balcony with his baby in his arms.

All that came to an end, however, when sensational allegations were broadcast around the world that Munson and his partner were racists responsible for the freezing deaths of two aboriginal men in what the media dubbed “Starlight Tours” – the alleged police practice of dropping native people off in isolated places. In this documentary, the two officers break their silence for the first time about what occurred in their police cruiser that early morning in January 2000, when they dropped off an aboriginal man, Darrell Night, near the outskirts of the city.

Darrell Night arrived home safely. However, in a tragic coincidence, within several days, two Native men were found frozen to death in roughly the same area of the city. Although there was no link between the events, many in the media and public condemned these exemplary officers without ever hearing their side of the story -- and the justice system may have bowed to their pressure for fear of public outrage. The officers were fired and sent to prison where their murder may have been plotted.

This documentary explores what can happen anywhere in the world, When Police Become Prey:

- Hear the damning tape recording that might have won the police acquittal, but was never allowed to be heard in open court.

- Learn about the attempt on their lives that may have been planned in jail – and how it was foiled.

- Discover the crucial evidence the RCMP missed, and how it might have affected the case. *Read the section of the Criminal Code of Canada which specifically protects police from a charge such as Munson and Hatchen were convicted of.

- Discover what native police officers say about racism in the Saskatoon Police Service, and their thoughts on "Starlight Tours."

- Learn about polygraphs, which Munson and Hatchen immediately demanded, regarding their possible involvement in the two deaths.

You be the judge. Make your own decision about how the justice system treated police in this case, and whether it may be a frightening possibility in your own area. Is political correctness overtaking the justice system in the western world? What role do the media play in court decisions? Are we losing color-blind justice? Could the justice system treat you the same way?

The law is charged with seeking reasonable doubt. Yet it appears that When Police become Prey, the justice system grasps for any means, however unreasonable, in order to hang 'em high.