Hunting Mexicans

Hunting MexicansOVERVIEW

Genre: Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 85 minutes


Director: Ryan Noble
Producer: Ryan Noble, Page Ostrow
Executive Producer: Brett Noble, Bryan Hague
Cast: Dustin Chittum, Andy Culp, Andrew Yousse
Cinematographer: Brent Wylie
Writer: Ryan Noble
Distributor: Worldwide - Loose Cannon
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Andrew Jackson, a marine back from the Middle East, reunites with two high school buddies, Dustin and Brodie, to form a quasi-militia unit to help the United States fight the war on terror. After a run-in with some illegal Mexican immigrants at a highway rest stop, Andrew gains national media exposure as a hero in the fight against illegal immigration by the right-wing TV and radio talk show hosts. After the incident, the group decides that the Arizona/Mexico border will be their area of operation. Dustin, the sensible one, fights with his Latina girlfriend about the stability of Andrew, but ultimately he decides to join his friends. Brodie is the irrepressible enthusiast, easily swayed in his thoughts and actions by those around him, especially Andrew, who he sees as a war-time hero. Andrew, with the help of Dustin and Brodie, is able to steal a military Humvee from the local Marine Reserve Base and together they head south to the border. Dodging local law enforcement along the way, the group finally makes it to the area of the border they had selected. The rhetoric of anti-immigrant protesters rings in the groups ears as they patrol the border with heart-wrenching and tragic results.