Who Will Stand

Who Will StandOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 110 minutes
Medium: HD Video Master
Rights: All Rights Available

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Director: Phil Valentine
Director of Photography: Michael Bedik
Producer: Phil Valentine, Michael Bedik, Kendra Turley, Michelle Ferraro
Executive Producer: Gerald Gillock
Associate Executive Producers: Janet Markley, Theresa Gillock
Editor: Michael Bedik
Writer: Phil Valentine
Music: Michael Bedik
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


“A sometimes moving, sometimes frustrating documentary about soldiers dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder… Director Phil Valentine and his producing partner Michael Bedik take on a vital and underreported issue, and their movie is full of insightful and heartbreaking interviews with veterans of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam, as well as doctors and activists who work to provide better care for soldiers. Valentine and Bedik are skilled filmmakers… Who Will Stand tells an important story.”
Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly

“Its profound impact and how it handled the most intense of subject matter makes it a must watch for the entire community. This inspiring film took me on a personal journey that had me pulling up my boot laces and getting ready to face my personal demons. I found myself fighting back the tears will smiling and feeling the fellowship provided by these talented filmmakers."
Sgt. Toby Nunn, U.S. Army, Author Northern Disclosure

“Who will stand is a masterpiece from start to finish! Being a PTSD sufferer myself it hit the nail right on the head. It really hit home with the effects of PTSD! OUTSTANDING!”
Larry Foster, U.S. Marines Ret. VA Financial Advisor


When a small team of Las Vegas filmmakers embarked on a mission to document the plights of combat soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, they were met with opposition. Being non-military they were shunned by the same soldiers they were trying to help. It was then that these filmmakers made a promise to those soldiers. “No politicians, no actors, no media people.” Once the promise was made, the flood gates opened. “Who Will Stand” not only addresses the plights of our wounded heroes but also enlightens the public on organizations devoted to helping them. It is a realistic, unbiased, candid view of life after combat… told only by the soldiers, their families and the doctors who care for them.