Incest A Family Tragedy

Incest A Family TragedyOVERVIEW

Genre: Feature Documentary
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 96 minutes
Medium: MiniDV


Director: Edward Blackoff
Producer: Edward Blackoff, Sasa Blackoff
Co-Produced By:William Myers
Editor: Stephanie Hubbard
Cinematographer: Nickolas Dylan Rossi
Writer: Edward Blackoff, Stephanie Hubbard
Music:Bird York, Dave Hodge
Sound:Charles Dayton
Distributor: Worldwide - Monarch Entertainment
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


“We were overwhelmed by the documentary. The victims voice, the perpetrators voice, the people involved trying to help both, it was staggering”.

Marilyn and Chuck Salomon

“Thank you for having the courage to bring forward such a horrible reality in today’s society that victimizes our most innocent members”.

Deputy Chief Charles Ferrente

“The film raises important questions about how well children are being protected from abuse---and why few sex offenders are receiving treatment to prevent more abuse”

Benjamin Radford, Skeptical Inquirescience Magazine

“I was captivated and emotionally touched by several of the victims’ stories of incest. I was even brought to tears with the story of the father who spoke about his adopted child being molested”

Sgt. Tracey Booth

“Victims of rape, incest, sexual assault and sexual abuse truly are the least, the last and the left behind in our society. Today you gave them a voice and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Jennifer McLaughlin, Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & sexual Assault


An intense documentary investigating the dark and secret world of sexual molestation of children by family members and trusted friends. How did incest begin and are there better ways to deal with this violation. Who is really responsible. Is there a cure. Listen to the testimony of undisguised fathers who have violated their own children. Hear how they do it and why they did not stop. Learn if residence restrictions protect the children or are they actually making matters worse. Listen to what was done to survivors of this violation and how it impacts on their lives. Understand what these victims deal with every day and how things need to change. See how law enforcement does its best to keep track of offenders and how well meaning politicians have ignored incest and created greater risks for kids. Understand that the very taboo nature of this crime helps shield the offense. When we do not openly discuss it and not propose any educational models to better inform ourselves we keep stay conflicted with guilt and shame. This washes over all concerned, perpetrators, victims, and family members and helps perpetuate the crime. Meet the cops, the criminals, treatment providers, educators and the crew of the film. Everyone has their slant on things. Some have possible remedies. We must keep looking for better ways to protect our children. There is hope if we bring this dark subject into the light for a rational examination. Stop the rape of our children..