El Desconocido

El DesconocidoOVERVIEW

Language: Spanish
Country of Origin: Mexico
Running Time: 116 min.
Medium: HD Video
Rights: World Wide Rights Available

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Director: Rafael Pinero
Directory of Photography : Jorge Ramirez-Padron
Sound: James Berek and Lucien Eaglejack
Producer: Rafael Pinero
Cast: Juan Acosta, Violeta Isfel, Sergio Garcia-Garcia, Elias Chiprut, Lidice Pousa, Raul Castellanos, Rodrigo Tejeda, Paola Riquelme, Ricardo Margaleff, Erick Tejeda, Ileana Hdz Illescas
Distributor: Laguna
Writer: Rafael Pinero
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


The life of an outcast teenager is dark enough, but director Rafael Pinero takes things a step further with EL DESCONOCIDO.

Acosta´s performance is riveting, evoking pity, compassion and disgust. The film delivers the message with humor at times and moves quickly.

Pinero expertly weaves the stories of Diego and his classmates, showing how fragile the teenage psyche is, the editing is excellent.

Amy Nichol Smith, themonitor.com


Set in the classic teenage world, this is the story of an innocent teenager, pushed by society to act out his dark side in order to fit in.

Diego, 17, has been pushed around by his classmates all his life and lives with his mother, who is still depressed by her husband´s death.

His anger overcomes him, and he finds comfort in his dark thoughts, evil thoughts that he starts to act out in order to get the right attention. And he does for a while, until things take a drastic turn that only lead him to failure and disappointment.

Becoming aware that evil prevails within society, Diego is forced to listen to his darkest thoughts and act out new evil ways in order to get respect and acceptance.