Pirates Of The Great Salt Lake

Pirates Of The Great Salt LakeOVERVIEW

Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 86 minutes
Medium: HD


Director: E.R. Nelson
Producer: Nathan Phillips, Christian Vuissa and E.R. Nelson
Co-producer: Page Ostrow
Executive Producer: Anthony Zufelt and Joseph Nelson
Editor: Brad Barber and Ludwig Einklang
Cast: Kirby Heyborne (Saints and Soldiers), Larry Bagby (Walk the Line), Trenton James (Blind Guy), and Emily Tyndall (Napoleon Dynamite)
Cinematographer: Brandon Christensen
Writer: E.R. Nelson and Nathan Phillips
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


A genial goof… E.R. Nelson's "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake" sets overgrown adolescent Utah suburbanites on a less-than-grand, largely delusional adventure. …these wannabe pirates are very much in comedy-of-lameness, "Napoleon Dynamite" mode. - Variety


E.R. Nelson makes an unforgettable directorial debut with the tongue-in-cheek, camp comedy, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.

Kirk Redgrave (Kirby Heyborne) and Flint Weaver (Trenton James) met only three weeks ago. Both, outcasts and loners in their landlocked home, have dreams to become the best pirates the world has ever seen. Kirk and Flint take heart to the pirate code and set out for a life of pillaging and plunder. Still, pirate life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For Kirk, it’s a life of failure. For Flint, one without reward. That is, until, they stumble across a long lost treasure map that has the power to not only fulfill their wildest pirate dreams, but curse them as well.

With their rowboat constantly threatening to sink beneath them, the two set sail on a voyage of friendship, lost treasures, and swashbuckling adventure. However, news of their find quickly spreads, and the two must do everything in their power to protect the map from the seedy pawn shop owner Drake (Larry Bagby) who cares only for the riches the treasure can bring. When Drake succeeds in stealing the map, the burden of breaking the treasure’s ancient curse falls upon their shoulders.

Written by Nelson and Nathan Phillips, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake vividly captures the sometimes not-so-far-fetched dreams of youth, explores the human plight of acceptance, and allows two colorful pirates to shine in their own sphere.