Three Days (of Hamlet)

Three Days (of Hamlet)OVERVIEW

Genre: Documentary, Comedy, Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 83 mins


Director: Alex Hyde-White
Producer: Chris Stevens, Mara and Ron New, Page Ostrow
Editor: Sharon Rutter, Eduardo Brizio, Tosca Donato
Cast: Alex Hyde-White, Richard Chamberlain, Stefanie Powers, Tom Badal, Iva Hasperger, Chuma Gault, Peter Woodward, Joseph Culp
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"I thoroughly enjoyed it" - Sir Derek Jacobi

"Hamlet will never be the same for me. Three Days is such a moving production. The students talked about it all the way home on the bus.Thank you for sharing it with us."
--Barbara Shannon, Principal Synergy Kinetic Academy

"A moving exploration of the play and it’s players. This film offers a fresh perspective. The real-life parallels between a son and the "ghost" of his father are especially compelling...I teach "Shakespeare on Film," and am always looking for new interpretations..." Three Days (of Hamlet) will be featured in my next semester's class.
-- Prof. Laura Bates, Indiana State Univ.

A delightful piece with many layers and meanings, both the Hamlet story...and the personal stories of the cast and crew. The editing was skillful and...and the actors (Alex Hyde-White, Stefanie Powers and Richard Chamberlain to name a few) were superb... behind the scenes footage was surprisingly thoughtful, funny and at times moving.The traditional story of Hamlet abbreviated...in the style of a 'reading' after only 3 days of preparation. An extraordinary vision and accomplishment for writer/director Alex Hyde-White. Well worth watching.
-- Jacki Edwards (on IMDB)


A hero’s journey from the most unlikely of sources, a Shakespeare in Love for the reality set...what makes this first-person doc unique and interesting is the hero’s personal narrative; an actor/manager, dealing with the “ghost” of his famous father, both real and imagined.

Taking place over three days, they rehearse and perform a stage reading of Shakespeare’s classic -- in this day of mixed media and cultural attention deficit, a monumental task that is rendered gracefully -- what results is a fascinating look at how, once again, art illuminates life.

By holding the mirror up to ourselves, we illuminate the world around us. Sure to have a long life in colleges and clubs.