Not Dead Yet


Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 93 Minutes
Medium: HDCam SR
Rights: All Available Rights

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Director: Sam Hull
Director of Photography: Brian Liepe
Producer: Susan Hess Logeais, Roland Sarrazen
Editor: Jonathan Collins
Music by:Gary Damron
Cast: Sherilyn Lawson, Betty Moyer, Susan Hess Logeais (Miami Vice- Prodigal Son), David Ogden Stiers (Mash), Seymour Cassel ( Rushmore, Royal Tannenbaums)
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Three middle-aged actresses hit the “unemployable” wall, and decide to make their own film in this “coming of age for the second time” story.

After putting their acting careers on hold to marry and raise children, Jane, Michele and Cindy find that they’ve reached that age where acting jobs are few and far between. When Diane, ten years their junior, gets hired for a film they were perfect for, they decide to visit Jane’s therapist-turned-shaman for advice. Francis challenges them to find out who they are, but they get his advice backwards and fly off in their own directions.
Cindy goes into local politics, defying her Republican husband to stump for a Democratic candidate. Jane takes endless classes, which leave her injured, confusing her French husband and pre-adolescent children. Michele tries community theatre, which she enjoys, until her hyper-critical mother publicly criticizes her ambitions.

Remembering that they really want to work as actresses, they enter a short film contest against Francis’ objections and write a script that lets them act out their fantasies in front of the camera. When Jane has to pay for dental work instead of their project, they’re forced to call in Diane, their acting nemesis, whose plans to enter the same contest have fallen through. When her director, William, turns their film into a kinky, laughable romp, it looks like their careers are over… until Michele’s mother suffers a heart attack and tries to make amends by funding another film. The three friends finally take the shaman’s advice and try again, embracing who they’ve become.

This is a story that celebrates real women. Women with families, dreams and regrets. Women who may be over 40, but who are most certainly Not Dead Yet.