Hope Without Future

Hope Without FutureOVERVIEW

Rights: Trouble at Mill (Film) Productions Limited


Director: Duncan Jepson
Written by :Duncan Jepson
Producer: Charmaine Li and Duncan Jepson
Co-Produced by :Page Ostrow
Associate Producers :Cohen Leung and Graham Newman
Post Production Producer :Jeffry Mamat
Audio Producer :Terence Chan
Audio Engineer :
Editor: Simon Tan
Colourist :Yazmin Matrahah
Music :Melvyn Chok
Cinematographer :Cohen Leung
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"One family's dream of a better life.
One country's hope for a better future."

Hope Without Future? introduces Raju and Mamina, a young Nepalese couple who, like many children in Nepal, spent their youth without parents and living at great risk. Now both in their early twenties, they have each made it through many personal hardships - poverty, abuse and drug addiction - to find one another and love. They have worked hard to build a life together and start a family and believe that they can have a future.

Yet their hopes for a better life are reliant on Nepal finding political stability. After 13 years of insurgency, at a cost of over ten thousand lives, the Maoist party finally came to the negotiating table. After two failed attempts, an election was set to take place in April 2008 under the threat of violent clashes and bombings. It was hoped the election would create a constituent assembly to write the country’s first constitution, elect a Prime-minister and, most importantly, remove the monarch and in doing so turn the country into a republic. It would be a country governed by the people for the first time.

The film closely follows the election process and the key candidates as voting takes place, discovering what is needed to turn a country away from severe poverty to development. For Raju and Mamina, like the majority of Nepal, the outcome of the elections would be the best hope for an end to the continued years of struggle and insecurity and a new course to a more prosperous future.