Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 60 minutes
Medium: Hi-Def
Rights: All Rights Available

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Director: Aesli Grandi
Directors of Photography: Garrett Benson & Ben Ross
Producer: Aesli Grandi
Production Supervisor: Mike Saffie
Executive Producer: Chuck Sloan
Editor: Ben Ross
Concept by: Ron Grandi
Cast: the People of Tabor, South Dakota
Writer: Aesli Grandi
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


In the late 1800’s a group of Czechoslovakian immigrants made their way across the plains of the Midwest to settle in a small area around what is now Tabor, South Dakota.
Making a life and community on the wild lands along the Missouri River was a difficult task. Though through the long winters and hot summers, these settlers created a
community that honored their Czech traditions. Today those traditions are still an important part of Tabor’s culture. And the struggle of the citizens of this town of 417 is
not over.

As neighboring towns grow with increased development and commercialization, the rural farm community of Tabor finds itself barely surviving from year to year. The once busy
main street now shows the remnants of failed businesses. So what is it that keeps this town from dropping off of the map? How is the town able to continue to operate? Czech

Every year, with the dedication of those 417 people, Tabor invites the world to participate in a celebration of its past. The Czech music, foods, and traditions are the inspiration for this event. On the first Czech Days, 60 years ago, it is hardly possible that the people of
the town had any idea that this now yearly celebration, originally planned as an extension of the celebratory nature of the Czech people, would become so important to the town’s

Tabor now depends on the economic success of Czech Days to survive. Only because of its ties to the past is it able to continue to move toward the future. Through the eyes of
the lens, you will witness the connection that exists between the citizens of this town. It is truly a community that cares for and supports each other. In a country where many people do not know their neighbors, this town will show that small town pride and friendliness is still alive and well. The beauty and charm of this town will be unavoidable when you hear the stories of the people who call it home.
“Tabor” is a heartwarming film where the little town is the underdog, unwilling to succumb to the growing challenges that have created casualties of so many other small
towns across the country. And Czech Days will show itself as the exciting and even magical event it is…leaving viewers with a surprising impulse to travel to South Dakota
and witness the magic themselves.