Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 108 minutes
Medium: High Definition
Rights: Available (Storybench)

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Director: Lonnie Schuyler
Producer: Bruce Elgin, Erin Elgin
Production Designer: Christine Youngstrom
Director of Photography: Eric Freese
Cast: Matt Guyler, Clint Curtis, Justin Marxen
Distributor: Wood Entertainment
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Splatter is the story of Jack, a likable loser who seeks validation on the unlikely proving ground of a paintball field, as he tries to win back the love of his ex-wife and the respect of his son.

Jack, played by Omaha comedian Matt Geiler, is a good-hearted screw-up who by the time he stops bumbling and starts fighting for the affections of his ex-wife, Deb (Kimberly Kurtenbach Furness), and his son, little Cody (Max Nelson), Deb has already decided to move on.

Enter recently-widowed Elgin Saunders (Neil Wells), Deb's new boss. A single father, with designs of finding his son, Brock (Michael Duede), a new mom.

Afraid of losing everything that has ever meant anything to him, Jack turns to his two trusted sidekicks, T-Rex Tallienger (Clint Curtis) and Tim Olson (Justin Marxen). Together, they concoct a scheme to win Jack back his family, by challenging Deb's new man to a good ol' fashioned shoot out. There is just one little hitch - they all suck at paintball. And the man they want to challenge just happens to be Captain of the Cobra Elites, the baddest paintball team in South East Iowa.

Comedy ensues as they enlist the aid of Hank, an ex-Vietnam vet (played by Scott Blow) to get them battle ready, but in the end, what Jack really discovers is, when it comes to family, not all is fair in love, honor and paintball.