Caution To The Wind

Caution To The WindOVERVIEW

Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Medium: Digital High Definition Video (HD)


Director: Douglas Alan Herman
Producer: Douglas Alan Herman
Executive Producer: KJ Herman
Editor: Jessica Bolton
Cast: Tabitha Brown, Joel Hebner, Gina Venditti, Adam LaFramboise, Sarah Stringer, David Light
Writer: Douglas Alan Herman
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Starry-eyed unknown actress Veronica Page (Tabitha Brown) has begged a ride to Las Vegas with hotheaded Norwegian chauffeur, Eric Mikalsen. Veronica hopes to audition for a huge role in an upcoming, big budget movie production there. Together with her mentor and protector, and former boyfriend, Bruce Lee Giles, the trio set out on the slow road to Vegas, along old Route 66. Veronica intends to capture the highly coveted role of a superhero called Spidergirl. We watch as Veronica transforms from a gawky, trusting and naive city girl into a woman capable of super-heroic behavior through a series of events, including an encounter with a troubled hitchhiker, Blake, and his girlfriend Ellie. After running out of gas, the group accidentally discovers a long-dead embezzler in the desert in the lava beds of the Mojave Desert. Along the way the group also become sidetracked to a sensual afternoon aboard a houseboat on Lake Mojave on the Colorado River, where a girlfriend of Veronica's is allegedly filming a model shoot. Before they arrive in Vegas the trio have argued, fought, and found friendship on this memorable road trip, shot on location along the nearly abandoned highway and towns of historic Route 66.