Last Will


Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 100 minutes
Medium: Digital (Shot with Red Camera)
Rights: Regent Entertainment


Director: Brent Huff
Producer: Irmgard Pagan
Executive Producer: Miguel Pagan
Editor: Anthony Wise
Cast: Tatum O'Neal, Tom Berenger, James Brolin, Peter Coyote, Patrick Muldoon, William Shockley, Shawn Huff, Jeffrey Dean, Moon Zappa
Distributor: Regent Worldwide
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


When the beautiful Hayden (Tatum O’Neal) marries Frank Emery (Tom Berenger), a distinguished and very wealthy doctor, it is for love. But she soon learns that she has married the entire Emery dynasty, including his two younger, unscrupulous brothers who run the family real estate empire.
They see Hayden as a threat and when Frank has a stroke they con him into changing his will in their favor. When Frank later dies under mysterious circumstances Hayden is arrested for his murder while a corrupt judge (Peter Coyote) grants the brothers control of the estate.

Everywhere Hayden turns she finds more layers of corruption and violence. Her brother is beaten almost to death and a lawyer is murdered. Her only hope is the police detective who arrested her (James Brolin). He has his own debts to
settle with the Emery brothers.