Side by Each

Side by EachOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 98 mins
Medium: S16 DI to 35mm neg./print with HD video master
Rights: All Rights Available


Director: Richard Allen
Producer: Susan Michie
Editor: Matthew Sarno / Pam Wise
Cinematography: Denis Maloney, ASC
Music by: Fred Hersch
Cast: Blythe Danner (Meet the Parents); Larry Bryggman (Die Hard), Paul Benedict (Waiting for Guffman)
Distributor: Panorama
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Side by Each is a romantic farce filmed in the gorgeous ocean state of Rhode Island with its humorous nautical characters. One is the Philosophical Salty, who wants to launch his live in boat and sail off. But crooks buy the boatyard, and needing to move to another, he meets and falls for a marina artist and sailor, Daisy. Not knowing she’s one
of triplets (all Blythe Danner), he gets involved with some of her shady acquaintances and it set off comic consequences along the waterfront. It's a charming world of crime and beauty where misunderstandings and mishaps abound. But of all the characters, only Daisy sees beyond Salty's outward straits into his philosophy: that the ocean is alive, our ancestral home, and the source of gentleness that holds everything together.