Cost of Heaven

Cost of HeavenOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 80 mins
Medium: Red High Definition
Rights: Copyright Prosperity Pictures, Inc. 2011

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Director: Kenneth M. Johnson
Producer: Christa Thompson
Cast: Hosea Chanchez, Toni Trucks, Kasan Butcher, Andre Ware, Anthony Vitale, Edward Carnevale, Roger Rose, with Tim Reid and Sheryl Lee Ralph
Distributor: World Wide Distribution - Panarama Entertainment
Writer: Kenneth M. Johnson
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Ricky and Matthew are brothers. They have loved the same girl, Cheryl, since they were kids. Matthew, the straight-arrow, does-everything-right younger brother, actually marries Cheryl. While Ricky, the constantly broke, partying older brother, prefers to play the field.

Their father, Richard senior, owns an aerospace design and engineering firm, which he runs with his wife Paulette. Richard is very close to finishing the design for a major contract with the government.

Unfortunately, Richard cannot solve one last process, holding up final delivery and burning through all of the available cash.

They all come together when Richard calls on his sons to help. What they don’t know is Diesel, Richard’s best friend, has loaned the company a great deal of money. Diesel is actually a loan shark with ties to organized crime.

At the lab, there is still something between Ricky and Cheryl. Matthew catches them in an embrace and the sparks fly. During the fight, Matthew has a bad asthma attack, after which Matthew vows to come back from the grave to kick Ricky’s butt if he ever touches his wife again.

Naturally, Matthew figures out the solution to Richard’s problem. He is immediately kidnapped by the loan sharks to get Richard to pay up, but the henchmen accidentally kill Matthew.

Richard, Cheryl and Ricky try to retrace Matthew’s steps to see how he arrived at the solution, but to no avail. Family members begin to joke about Matthew’s vow to come back from the dead if Ricky ever touched Cheryl. Soon the joking becomes more serious as Richard wonders if Matthew would share the secret after he finished beating on Ricky.

Finally, Ricky and Cheryl find each other and begin to make out at the shop. And yes, Matthew comes back from the dead and starts kicking the crap out of Ricky. Ricky ends up dead enough to find himself in the nether world with Matthew. Matthew feels really bad for killing Ricky. The two go back and forth over things that they did to each other growing up. Matthew forgives Ricky for wanting Cheryl and gives them his blessing. Just then, the paramedics revive Ricky. Richard is right there asking if he got the solution to their problem. Ricky sheepishly reports that he forgot to ask. Richard grabs his son by the throat and tells him to get back in there and get the answer. The paramedics have to pull Richard off of Ricky while.

Ricky is despondent until he begins to recognize clues that would appear random to anyone but him. Because the clues all relate to things that the two brothers did together as children. But the clues also lead Ricky to understand the solution for the process. Ricky fits the final puzzle piece. Richard presents their findings to the contract administrator. The Feds releases the funds for the project. The family business is saved. Diesel and his cronies get what they deserve and Ricky takes Cheryl for his own and they live responsibly ever after.