Altering Gravity

Altering GravityOVERVIEW

Language: English
Country of Origin: The United States
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Medium: HD Digital File
Rights: Held by Broadsky Pictures; domestic and worldwide rights available.

For distributors: private vimeo link click here: http://vimeo.com/broadskypictures/alteringgravity.


Director: Brady Spencer
Producer: Sal Belissimo, : Q deChambres
Executive Producer: Brady Spencer
Editor: Andre Hoogeveen
Cast: t (alphabetically by first name): Agnieszka Tyc, Alex Wilde, Andrea Lowell, Ashley Burruel, Ben Corey (Lead), Beth Bruckner (Lead), Brian Duclos, Bud Shelton, Camille LaBry, Charlie Schlafke, Chris Pleasant (Lead), Darren Schneider, Elizabeth Ammann, Elizabeth Stenson, Ewa Boryczko, Hugh Casey (Lead), Ivy Perkins, Jennifer Moeller, Jodi Elliot, Jody Cosgrove, Kelly Ryan (Lead), Kevin Thomas Fee, Lee Essner (Lead), Lisa Sproul, Nichole Snell, Pat Pinson, Paul Heier (Lead), Paul Schulz (Lead), Randy Brown, Regina Mocey (Lead), Ross Steeves, Skip Pipo, Talin Halebi, Todd Malta (Lead), Trevor Murphy
Distributor: Ytinifni for Worldwide Rights
Writer: Brady Spencer
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


ALTERING GRAVITY encompasses the pursuit of happiness, love, and money. This
bittersweet tale is an opera of luck, wickedly funny, and provocative. From the deserts of
the gulf war to the streets of Los Angeles, unexpected twists and turns will strike a chord
in everyone.

Whether you're up or down, money causes people to do some outlandish
things. This wild ride will make everyone wonder what they would do in the shoes of
these ordinary people. So at that winning moment, what would you do if you just won
the lottery?