Rain Down


Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 96mins
Medium: HD
Rights: Rain Down Pictures Inc.

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Director: Garwin Sandford
Producer: Johanne Gregory, Alyson Drysdale
Executive Producer: Alyson Drysdale
Cast: Jessica Hill, Daisy Lippa, Timothy Mossey, Melanie Bray, Stuart Pierre
Distributor: PNP and Myriad Entertainment
Writer: Alyson Drysdale
Cinematographer: Oliver Glaser
Production Desiger: Melanie Jones
Score: Robyn Traill
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


Storm clouds roll in over the arid interior near Cache Creek, British Columbia as Carla Springer quickly concludes a horse training session and closes up her ranch house to
protect it from the coming tempest.

Meanwhile, Carla’s 6 year old niece, Willow, leaves the rundown bungalow she shares with her mother, Barbara, and makes her way along the highway to the safety of the only
other place she knows – Carla’s ranch. Carla reluctantly returns Willow time and again to what is an increasingly abusive situation – one that Carla suspects but cannot see.

Things deteriorate further when Carla’s felonious ex-husband Darren, just released from prison, shows up at the ranch wanting to re-connect, and the Government sends word that it seeks to expropriate her property in order to build a school and ecological park. Carla does everything she can to shield herself from the hurt of her ex-husband and to fend off this 'daylight robbery' of her land.

One morning Carla finds Willow hiding in the barn, bruised and frightened. As she bathes the little girl, Carla sees the extent of the abuse and finally realizes how bad things
are. Carla hides Willow when Barbara, her life spiraling into drug abuse and prostitution, and her menacing boyfriend, Craig, come looking. On the ranch house steps they face the wrath of Darren.

An all out confrontation ensues – fists, knives and rifles – and the police roar onto Carla’s ranch with guns drawn. Darren is arrested and returned to prison. A judge orders that Willow be returned to her mother Barbara, while Carla receives a restraining order barring her from any further contact with the child.

Unexpectedly Carla receives some good news about her land but has about one minute to savour it before finding out that Willow has been hospitalized with severe injuries. When
she rushes to Willow’s side she’s threatened with jail for breaking the no-contact order. With all legal avenues cut off, she makes a shocking decision.

Carla enlists Darren’s help from his prison cell and embarks on a dangerous journey of salvation. Leaving everything behind and taking the law into her own hands, she kidnaps
Willow and makes a run for a better life, the police in hot pursuit. Will justice prevail? Set in British Columbia’s painted hills desert region, Rain Down is a story about the
power of love, making the tough decisions and choosing the wrong thing for the right reasons.