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Director: Ed Peduzzi
Executive Producer: Ed Peduzzi and Nathaniel Adams
Editor: Ed Peduzzi
Cast: Tom Gibson, Kieran Haller, Amanda Smook, Andrew Friedberg, Nathaniel Adams, Ian Chisholm, Ed Peduzzi, ChristopherHaag, Nathan Kensinger, Daniel Gilbert
Cinematographer: Ed Peduzzi
Writer: Ed Peduzzi
Distributor: Worldwide - Entertainment 7
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


by- The Angry Princess

I thought this movie was going to be your typical everyday tale about vampires that would probably bore me to death or just numb me in the process of watching it. The concept of this film is essentially different and is what makes it so special. A young college student Eric Carlson (played by Ed Peduzzi) comes across a brutal vampire slaying up in the hills of Amherst, Massachusetts.

Playing sleuth Eric digs around with some crafty detective skills and finds an address and goes over there to see what he can find out. When confronted he stays and becomes part of the slayers clean up crew. He slowly learns that certain myths about Vampires are just not true while on his way to becoming a slayer…it’s his choice

The long blond haired Elijah is wise well beyond his years and is the leader of the pack. He stands there almost emotionless taking in the actions of all that surrounds him, he calls the shots. Despite his angelic looks he gives off a “Don’t fuck with me!” type of vibe that I don’t think many people would cross. Elijah exerts pure intimidation effortlessly as he stares right thru you sizing you up within a glance. He was a very strong character in this movie and I think they cast the right guy to play this key role for he helped carry out this storyline with ease. “Slayer” has enough character build up in it so that you are affected by their mishaps and triumphs.

The thing I liked most about “Slayer” were the great guttural sounding noises that would escape the Vampires mouths when they were agitated or angry, it successfully made me jump a few times. You were taught that the only true myth there was about them was that they needed blood to survive, these vamps didn’t even have fangs and they were insanely addicted to Nintendo. It showed them leading their lives in normal situations as well as chaotic ones. Eric brings a few laughs as he falls in love with the idea of being an involved Slayer.

It was a fun watch and managed to hold my interest thru out the entire ride. It’s not some million dollar movie with ultra special effects and huge star names to pull it out to the crowds. “Slayer” isn’t some Oscar award worthy screenplay ready to rake in all kinds of rewards for it’s brilliance but it is a different take on the Vampire world that was entertaining and didn’t involve stakes thru the hearts of the forever damned. I look forward to what Director Ed Peduzzi has up his sleeves for us in the future.


Eric Carlson, a young college student, witnesses a brutal slaying in the hills of Amherst, Massachusetts. After some investigation, Eric slowly discovers the unpleasant reality behind the popular vampire myth. As a clean up crew member for a local team of slayers, Eric becomes disillusioned with the romanticized aspects of violence and learns the truth is never as simple as black and white.