Panman Rhythm of the Palms

Panman Rhythm of the PalmsOVERVIEW

Genre: Feature Drama
Country of Origin: St. Maarten N.A.
Running Time: 90 minutes
Medium: DigiBeta


Director: Sander Burger
Producer: Ian Valz
Co-Producer: Norman De Palm
Editor: Chris van Oers
Cast: Ian Valz, Earl Duzong, Rita Gumbs, Cedric Ortega, Gee Money
Cinematographer: Sal Kroonenberg
Writer: Ian Valz
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"A big step forward for Caribbean film" Ray Frank, Trinidad Express
"A must see film" Tangerine Clarke, New York Caribbean Time


THE PANMAN RHYTHM OF THE PALMS tells the story of the rise and fall of the steel drum pan player Harry Daniel. Harry is an icon of the Caribbean whose personal life suffers when he places his music above his family. For he is desperate to pass the pan culture to a younger generation. During this crusade to keep the music alive on his beloved island of St Martin he meets the exceptionally talented Jacko who becomes his star apprentice and hope for the future. Harry treats him like the son he never had. However when Harry's fame begins to diminish, Jacko turns against him and embraces instead the world of rock music. But when Harry dies unexpectedly Jacko returns to his island culture to become pan music's brilliant new icon.