American Harvest

American HarvestOVERVIEW

Genre: Feature Documentary
Language: English, with some Spanish
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 100 minutes
Medium: High Definition

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Director: Angelo Mancuso
Producer: Angelo Mancuso
Executive Producer: David Genecco
Editor: Angelo Mancuso
Narrator:Angelo Mancuso
Cinematographer: Angelo Mancuso
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


"If you've ever eaten fruits and vegetables you must see this film!" Bob Russell - Executive Director, The Little Theater, Rochester NY

“Film gets rave reviews.” --CBS Palm Beach

“Whether you bring to this film your own bias – in either direction – or look at it with an open mind, you will be moved by the power in this narrative. Look for it. It’s what a documentary should be.” --Nick Francesco, WHAM - Clear Channel

“Your film sheds much light on the current national debate over
immigration policy. Those of us in agriculture have rarely seen such a balanced, forthright discussion of these issues in any medium. “American Harvest” provides much-needed perspective, one that encourages rational and reasonable debate. It should be seen by everyone who has thought even only briefly about the pending immigration legislation, as well as about how food gets from farm fields to dinner tables.”

--Don Lipton, Director of Public Relations, American Farm Bureau Federation


Anti-immigration sentiment sweeps across America. A journey from Florida to New York, including a trip to the Mexican border, reveals the lives and issues of legal and illegal migrants and farmers working toward a better life. Is the immigration system in America flawed?

Immigrants are dying to feed America.

Discrimination of immigrants has existed in the United States since the English persecuted the Irish at the beginning of this country’s history. It was once generally considered that if you were Greek or Southern Italian you were not white. Anti-immigration sentiment is nothing new in the U.S.

American farmers and agriculture rely on immigrants to do jobs that Americans won’t do or feel that are simply beneath them. This is causing problems for many people. Some see the problem first hand. Others only see the problems in the news from the perspective of those extreme points of view of the left and the right side of our political system.

American Harvest attempts to shed light on the changing face of the United States in particular as it relates to Agriculture. This film also points out the flaws and inconsistencies of the current U.S. policy on immigration.

The filmmakers follow both legal and illegal farm workers and the farmers caught in the middle of a flawed immigration policy.

This documentary forces anyone with an extreme opinion regarding immigration to simply look at the facts. In so doing, “American Harvest” marginalizes the far right and far left forcing the U.S. political system to take notice.