Bel Borba Aqui

Bel Borba AquiOVERVIEW

Language: English/Portuguese (with Engli
Country of Origin: Brazil
Running Time: 94mins
Medium: HD 1920x1080
Rights: All Worldwide Available

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Director: Burt Sun and André Costantin
Producer: Burt Sun
Editor: Vanessa Reiser Shaw, Daniel Burity and André Costantini
Cast: Bel Borba
Producer's Representative: Ostrow and Company


In 1976 a young artist from Salvador, Brazil gave up the traditional gallery system and began to transform his city into a museum. More then 35 years later, there are literally thousands of his works on the street. This documentary film explores the intimate relationship between this historically unique city and her beloved native son, Bel Borba. This lyrical journey shares his joy and at times, madness: orchestrating everything from large-scale public art at lightning speed intimate works in deep introspection. His exuberant personality shines as he draws inspiration from his surroundings while simultaneously inspiring his community, especially in impoverished neighborhoods. Whether he is using metal, mosaic, paint or plastic, his gestures of playfulness reflect the artist himself, and inspire as you witness how his art transforms his city. No permission asked.